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What Should We Do If We Forget WhatsApp Password

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Remembering passwords is tricky, especially if you use multiple email and social accounts. And if you forget your password by any chance, it can easily give you sleepless nights. What if you can never figure out a way to log back in? What will happen to all the data in that account?

While you may be able to create another social or email account easily (even get your hands on the data), have you ever thought what would happen if you lose your WhatsApp password? Surely you can’t go changing your phone number because of that. So what’s the solution? Well, stick around till the end and you’ll find out.

1: Use A Keylogger

In addition to situations where you’ve forgotten your own WhatsApp password, a keylogger can help you to log into someone else’s WhatsApp, email, and social accounts as well. This can be very useful if you wish to monitor your child’s, partner’s, or employee’s conversations. But before you use a keylogger, you must learn about what it is and how it works.

A keylogger is an application that permits you to capture the keystrokes used on a phone, computer, or tablet. This brilliant piece of technology runs quietly among the background processes on a device without sending any push notifications, and thus, no one can detect it.

Once it records the keystrokes, you can easily access the recorded information through a dashboard to have a peek at all the usernames and passwords that have been used on that device. It’s as simple as that!

This is how you can use a keylogger:

1. Just conduct a simple Google search for “Android keylogger” or “iOS keylogger” to get suggestions about the best such apps out there. You could also try out a critically acclaimed monitoring app like Spyier which comes with an inbuilt keylogger. Doing so will give you the following additional benefits:

  • If you’re using the app to log into someone else’s WhatsApp account, you’ll be able to perform many additional tracking activities like call and SMS monitoring, GPS location tracking, website history tracking, etc.
  • Since the app can track the live GPS location of the device on which it’s configured, you can use it to locate your phone in case it gets lost
    You don’t have to pay anything extra for the keylogger facility. The cost is bundled in the cost of the app so you get 35+ features in a single purchase.
  • It works on both Android and iOS devices so you’ll use it to watch several devices directly .
  • It is extremely easy to line up, because of an interactive Setup Wizard which guides you. If you’d like to know more or choose the best WhatsApp spy app, do visit Spyier website.

2. If you choose a different keylogger, after confirming that it’s from a legitimate vendor, download the app on the computer or device from which you need the password.

3. Install the keylogger, but before doing so, don’t forget to read the license agreement. Make sure the agreement doesn’t take your permission to share the recorded credentials online. Once installed, activate the application.

4. If you’re using the app on your own phone, you’re good to go. If it’s installed on someone else’s phone, hide it from the app drawer if possible so that they don’t find out.

2: Find Out If The Password Is Auto-Saved On The Device

Often, when you log into a website, you get the option to “remember” the password you used. Many people use this option to auto-fill login credentials whenever they log in so that they don’t have to remember their passwords. In this case, the credentials are sometimes saved in hidden files on the device.

Try searching the device for files named “password”, “login”, “Id”, or something similar. Don’t forget to include hidden files in the search. You just might hit the jackpot.

3: Try Guessing It From The Other Passwords You Remember

This may sound silly, but sometimes, simple guesses actually work. Many of us are within the habit of using their loved ones’ names for passwords. Some use birthdays or other important dates, and some people even create custom passwords in a specific format.

If you’ve lost your WhatsApp password, try to take inspiration from your other passwords to guess it. Facebook, LinkedIn, bank account, or even Netflix – think of the passwords to all those platforms. You might be able to remember something. If you’re guessing someone else’s password, think of their likes and dislikes, their friends, and other things dear to them.

4: Use The “forgot password” Option

If nothing else works, resetting the password might be the only option left. For this, find the “forgot password” link and click on it. The app might send a reset password link to your email ID or your phone number via SMS. You may even be allowed to reset it by answering security questions.

While you may be able to achieve results with this technique, this is a risky trick if you’re figuring out someone else’s WhatsApp password. The account owner usually gets a notification of password reset, and you might get caught in the act in such a case. If you’re doing it for yourself, though, you have nothing to worry about.

So To Give A Few Final Words

Forgetting passwords can quickly land you in a panic. But that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. Keep calm and try out the tricks listed above depending on your situation. We hope our solutions can help.

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