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The Best Tricks For Twitter 2.0

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Although over time, the social network has lost users while it has gained controversy, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, on a par with Facebook and Instagram. With a vast monthly active user base of 330 million, the microblogging platform is one of the prominent locations where Internet users meet, chat and, of course, also fight over the controversies of the moment.

One of the reasons why Twitter is so popular is because it allows users to follow and chat with all kinds of people, whether they are anonymous people, celebrities, famous people or great executives of the leading companies on the international scene. Furthermore, Twitter has also become the best place to receive news from different sources quickly.

Tricks For Twitter 2.0

Although it seems like an easy tool on paper, there are many hidden features in Twitter that most users don’t even know about. If you don’t want to be one of those users, take a look at these new Twitter tricks that go beyond the ones we showed you a few weeks ago.

Enable Dark Mode

The dark mode is one of the significant innovations that have come in 2020 to operating systems and applications. In both iOS and Android, it is quite simple to change the colour of the social network interface so that it consumes less battery while we achieve a better view at the end of the day.

To enable it, you must click on your profile image to open the contextual menu of Twitter Settings on your mobile. Open the Settings and privacy menu and select Display and sound. Inside you will find the option to turn on the dark mode and program it by hours and by “type of tones”.

Retrieve The Chronological Order

One of the things we all hate about the algorithm-based timeline is that we miss out on exciting tweets that the social network itself doesn’t consider important to us. Twitter is not the only social media service that does this as all other social networks, including Facebook, Instagram and more, use the algorithmic timeline to deliver the content that looks best to them, not you.

Fortunately, there is a relatively new Twitter feature that allows us to switch to a timeline that shows the latest tweet first. To enable this feature, tap the star button in the upper right corner and then select the option “See the latest tweets”.

Edit Photos

When uploading an image or photograph, you can edit it without leaving the app. Click on the lower icon of the uploaded image in the shape of a brush to work with different editing tools that give another aspect to the content you want to upload.

As if it were any other photo editor, you can apply live filters, crop the image, alter variables of the photograph such as its contrast or exposure, add text to the photo or insert stickers to give a more fun touch to the images. Images.

Mute And Lock Accounts

Being the place chosen by the community to hold their discussions, there may be times when you want to stay away from certain people or words, especially to avoid fights and confrontations. This is why Twitter provides tools to silence accounts and hashtags. You have the option to mute or block inappropriate accounts from appearing on your timeline.

Prevent Videos From Playing By Themselves

If you find it annoying that the videos are shown on the social platform play themselves, and you prefer that this not be the case, not only to avoid scares when scrolling the wall but also to save battery, Twitter has an option to prevent it. Again, go to the Settings menu and select Settings and privacy until you find the Data usage options at the bottom. Finally, click on the Auto-play videos option and choose whether they should start with WiFi only, or Never.

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