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Best New Side Hustles For 2020 – POS Reseller

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Whether you’re saving up for vacation, reducing your debt or just looking for a way to earn some extra money in the evenings, find out why becoming a POS reseller is one of the best new side hustles in 2020. Share the benefits of the latest Clover Station 2.0 system and watch as your income grows and you help local business owners.

Part-Time Scheduling

There’s nothing worse than a side hustle that demands too much time and energy. If you only have a few hours a day or week, it can be difficult to find a part-time job willing to work with you. This is particularly true if you need to change your hours from week to week.

As a POS reseller or referral partner, you can create your own schedule. Line up meetings that are most convenient for you. If you’re working as a referral partner, you simply need to send on the contact information of a motivated buyer. Chat with your friends, family and neighbors who are business owners in your free time for a surprisingly simple side hustle.

Unlimited Earning Potential

A POS reseller earns commissions and residual income based on successful sales and continued monthly credit card processing fees. If you’re dedicated and persistent, you may be surprised at your earning potential. This means three things for your earning potential:

  1. You set your salary
  2. Your hard work is rewarded
  3. You can earn money while you sleep

Set your mind to a specific salary and put in the time to reach it. This is one example of a side hustle that can quickly grow into a full-time business if you’re committed to continuing to connect with business owners.
Other careers don’t directly reward you for your hard work. While you may earn overtime pay occasionally, your current job may not recognize particularly efficient or effective work days. As a POS reseller, you earn based on the success of your work, not the number of hours you put in.

Finally, residual income allows you to earn while you sleep. As the lead contact person between businesses and a leading merchant service provider, you’ll receive a percentage of the monthly service fee and any costs of upgrading equipment. Once you put in the work to land a client, you can expect to enjoy additional earnings throughout the years.

Easy Training

It’s hard to sell equipment that is costly or ineffective. Choose a POS provider that uses state-of-the-art equipment and competitive monthly fees. All credit card processing services require monthly fees for businesses, but some charge far higher prices or have year-long contract requirements. When you work with a company that doesn’t offer these restrictions, it’s easy to land new clients.

Grow Your Income With This Side Hustle

A side hustle should be fun, flexible and profitable. Learn more about these exciting credit card processing careers today to see how you can fit extra cash into your weekly schedule. Explore ways to grow your business large enough to quit your day job and enjoy this side hustle as your full-time income source.

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