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The Best Applications To Help Students

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Doing homework or summaries to prepare for exams is no longer the way it was: since the COVID-19 came into our lives, everything has changed. This has caused the classes to now be focused on the internet age, having more difficulties for students when performing class assignments, since there is not the same direct contact with teachers and it is more difficult to resolve our doubts.

The Best Applications That Will Save You If You Are A Student

All these applications will facilitate the process to carry out your tasks and the organization that you must carry out. That is why we are going to show you which are the best applications that will save you even from the worst or most chaotic situations.

Google Drive

This is one of the easiest apps to use, And it is usually already factory installed on Android smartphones. It is also available for computers and tablets from the browser itself, which favors having all files synchronized.

It is an online file hosting service that allows us not to need other payment options to, for example, use Word documents.

To access, we will only need to have an associated Gmail account, and the session will automatically start. It is completely free and is available for both Android and iOS. Within this application, we find different options:

  • Documents, where we can write the notes without limits and adapting titles, subtitles, font size, colours and others.
  • On the other hand, there are spreadsheets, where you can have 10,000 rows, 256 columns, 100,000 cells and 40 sheets.
  • If you have to make a presentation, don’t worry because now with Google Drive, you can also make your class presentations.
  • The surveys are perfecto be done in said app in a fast and direct way.
    Also, we can make drawings in its section for Drawings, in case it is necessary to make a cartoon or take quick notes.

The good thing is that the synchronization is automatic. For example, if we are in class writing down notes and the app for whatever reason closes without clicking save, we will not have lost anything. All notes are automatically saved in the cloud, and we can retrieve them on other devices.


As in Google Drive, we can find everything in a simple application. Evernote in the world of the student it has many advantages when it comes to working. We have different options: notepad, calendar, task lists, checklist, scanner, and as if all this were not enough, we can even save everything interesting that we find on the Internet.

It is available for download on Android phones and iOS. It also has its version for computers and tablets, taking notes and calendar on devices wherever we go. It is free, but, like almost any app, it always offers internal purchases. To start using it, we need to download it and register an email or start with Gmail.


Reading books and then doing classwork is something that every student has or has had to do at some time in their life. So with the new and well-known fashion of listening to books, applications like Audible were born, one of the best of the moment.

This app is created to listen to audiobooks, podcasts and audio stories. To use it, you have to go to the Play Store or App Store and click to download. Later, when it is installed, we can connect it with our account Amazon. By connecting it with this platform, we will get free access for 30 days, which we can take advantage of to listen to the books we need.

You do not need an Internet connection to listen to podcasts or audiobooks, and we can download and listen to them anywhere without having to be connected to the network. Downloading Audible is free, but not all audiobooks are. Rather, it is like an online store where you can listen to them.

Google Lens

We all know how difficult teaching from home is, that’s why Google Lens, through the technology based on the camera of our smartphone, wants to help us. For those who do not know Google Lens, we need to download an app on the iPhone or open the Google app on Android.

Now the app has advanced a little more, reaching equations. But no, it not only gives us the solved equation, but it also explains the steps you have followed. That’s how easy and useful it is to correct our math exercises and know if we have done them correctly.

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