3 Best Anime Streaming Websites You Might Want To Add To Your List

With the current situation of the people today, most of them are working or staying at home. But during this time, you might run out of this to do. Especially when you’re talking about the entertainment options you have at home. Well, you may run out of options, especially when you’re into watching movies. On the other hand, anime fans will never experience this problem.

Anime fans can just log into their computers and watch anime or manga most of their time. However, all websites are different, so you might want to check the best website to watch animes. But, before you can go ahead and watch your favorite anime, you need to consider if their website is safe. So here are various anime sites you need to look into.


If you’re new to watching anime, MyAnimeList is the most suitable website for you. They are actually dedicated to introducing anime to people, and you can almost see every information on this site. They also provide rankings, schedules of upcoming animes, the titles, and even the reviews. If you’re a beginner, this is one of the best anime streaming sites you should visit.

Also, if you want to watch a new series of anime, you’ll have the option to check out first the reviews if the anime is good. Well, the reviews are an essential tool for users who wanted to play it safe. You can also see the rankings of the anime to check if what you’re watching is currently trending.

MyAnimeList also has an option for you to track upcoming anime seasons so that you’ll have an idea when it’ll be streaming. If you wanted to check for additional info, this website also provides information about the number of episodes, casts, trailers, and many more.


If you wanted to socialize with every anime fan, Animo could be the most suitable website for you. It has a unique platform as it allows the users to communicate with it’s messaging feature. This way, you can have discussions and topics about your interests. Currently, Amino is one of the most popular websites for K-pop circles and anime.

One good thing about this website is that it promotes a sense of community and socialization as they allow its users to post polls, blogs, content, and any other interests. If you wanted to look for a good anime to watch, you can easily communicate and ask other users for feedback and suggestions.

Like any other social media, you’ll have your own profile with Amino as well. The good news is that you can also personalize your profile to your interest. So, if you wanted to interact with other anime lovers, meet new people, or connect with your friends, this could be the most suitable anime streaming website for you.


ChasingAnime is also one of the unique anime websites you can look into on the internet. This website differs from MyAnimeList and Amino as this website’s content is mostly articles talking about various animes. So, if you’re the type of anime fan that digs deeper into the anime you’re watching, this site will be suitable for you.

In addition to that, ChasingAnime can also provide various information about the anime you love. It can give you a glimpse of the plot, as well as the character backgrounds. Also, you can find information about the weapons your favorite anime character is using. Basically, ChasingAnime is like the Wikipedia of all animes.

They also provide lists of the best anime by facts about a particular character or genre. This type of website allows the users to dig deeper into the anime they love.


There are many anime streaming sites you can find online, and looking for the best one might be a little bit overwhelming on your end. So, if you’re looking for the best anime streaming website, you might want to consider visiting the sites listed above.


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