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Bell And Ross: A Collection Of Watches For The Big Professionals

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Suppose you’re in the military field profession and you’re looking for a high-quality and durable collection of watches that could survive in any extreme conditions. In that case, Bell and Ross is the perfect brand for your research. This brand has been in the industry since 1992, and since then, they’ve been creating luxury looking durable watches for the big professionals.The company was founded by two people, Mr. Bruno Belamich and Mr. Carlos A. Rosillo, two Swiss designers who are inspired in creating timepieces that could withstand any extreme conditions for professional pilots, astronauts, and bomb disposal experts. Below are four of their new collections that you might consider with their prices.

Bell And Ross Vintage – BRV294-BL-ST/SCA

This timepiece is one of the latest Vintage series by Bell & Ross for men. The watch has a combination of classy, sporty, and elegant looks that would smoothly go in any casual and formal occasion. The watch is nothing but the durability and long-lasting materials used.The watch’s dial is plain black with a luminescence finish with two subdials indicating its minutes and seconds. This timepiece’s hands and hour markers are in luminous silver-tone that could be read even in the dark. A rotatable bezel surrounds the dial in black color made of steel, with a movement caliber of BR-CAL.301 in 42 hours reserve.The case of its watch is stainless steel with a transparent back covered with high-quality crystal in diameter size of 42 mm. The straps of this are calfskin leather with a water-resistant feature of 100 meters. The selling price of this is $ 2,666.52.

Bell And Ross Instruments – BRS-EP-ST/SCR

Bell and Ross are exclusive for males, but they also create beautiful watches for women working in any military profession and aviation. This elegant looking watch is one of the new watches released by Bell and Ross for the Instruments series. It has a combination of luxury, class in a feminine touch that is perfect for the ladies for any occasion.The dial of it is colored in pink with dot hour markers and a slim stick style of hour and minute marker in silver tone. This feminine watch has a movement caliber of BR-CAL 102 sealed with a stainless steel case in a square shape with a diameter of 39 mm, perfect for any female wrist.The straps of this timepiece are made of alligator leather with a stainless steel buckle. It has a water-resistant feature of 100 meters, or 328 feet, perfect for underwater diving. The price of this gorgeous looking watch is $ 2,040.42.

Bell And Ross Instruments – BR0394-BL-CE

This timepiece is another sophisticated watch from the Instruments series with an aviation automatic chronograph, perfect for both our female and male professionals. The watch’s total look is dark black making it ideal for any wardrobe, occasion, and even different uniforms. It has a black color dial with two subdials indicating its minutes and seconds.The watch’s hand marker and hour marker are made of luminous white, making it visible even in the dark. The case surrounding its dial is made of steel in black-tone same as its solid back. It has a water-resistant feature of 100 meters with high-quality rubber in black. The price of this black aviation watch is $ 3,453.75.

Bell And Ross Vintage – BRV294-BC-BR/SCA

This timepiece is a combination of luxury and vintage class, making it perfect for a man’s wrist. The watch’s color combination gives a sophisticated look that would perfectly pair in any formal and casual attire. The watch has a black dial with a luminescence finish surrounded by a rotational black bezel.The hands and hour indexes of this timepiece are made of luminous gold-tone together with its minute hands. Its case’s material is CuAI7Si2 bronze with a solid back in a round shape of 41 mm, with a movement caliber of the watch is at BR-CAL.301.The straps are made from Calfskin leather material with a bronze buckle. This vintage timepiece is available in the market for only $ 3,411.60. Do not miss this limited edition design in the new Vintage series of Bell and Ross.


Investing your money in a high-quality watch that could fit your occasion is an excellent thing. Most of our money comes and go and buying something useful and durable is a good purchase, especially if you’re working in a big kind of profession. That’s what makes Bell and Ross perfect for you.Also Read: How Hackers Access Your Telegram Account