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Basics Of Project Management And What Is A PMO Project Management Office

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Any self-respecting company must nurture high goals. Ambition is always an essential characteristic of successful companies. At its inception, the company must focus on its survival by directing all its resources toward its primary competence areas. Nevertheless, there always comes a time when the original team finds its limits. Project management by a PMO can give the company a second wind.

The Project Management Office, A Service In Charge Of The Future

As a company develops, a gap forms between its ambitions and the skills of the management teams to carry them out. However, even the best-equipped skills collective in the world cannot reach great heights if it is not guided by wise leadership. To guarantee the success of project management in the company, it is therefore essential that a dedicated service takes charge of this aspect associated with prosperity.

As in any human organization, the division of labor is the best option to extract the best from each, forming the collective. If companies always think of creating a team of salespeople, another in charge of human resources, or even a group specialized in IT management, and we often forget project management and its essential place within the company.

The Roles And Missions Of A PMO

The Project Management Office is a service that will make it possible to plan, supervise and manage the various projects carried out simultaneously by a company. It can be in direct charge of projects, it is then called a management PMO, or it can operate at a higher level and provide key performance indicators to guide the company’s overall strategy. He will then be the metronome of the collective, in particular by standardizing the company’s project management methods.

The roles and missions of the PMO can therefore take different forms. Most of the time, they provide the impetus for new projects while ensuring, for example, the training and assignment of associated leaders. They will also be at the origin of resource allocation and portfolio management, essential components of the success of well-run projects.

How Do PMOs Create Value

PMOs are practical tools because they are versatile. First, they can reduce managers’ workload and ensure the company’s prosperity by allowing it to carry out several projects simultaneously. It is, therefore, an essential tool for the growth of ambitious companies. Furthermore, it is also a tool that will facilitate the standardization of internal processes. An important point to design a corporate culture.

However, it is from this identified and transparent corporate culture that a sense of belonging can emerge among your employees. A feeling is necessary to motivate them and thus create a virtuous circle favoring the increase in productivity. If you start from a basic project that allows you to find a hidden number, you will surely go much further than that, thanks to the PMO.

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