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Best Apps For Voice Chat On Android Auto

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Now that technology has crossed borders and has even crept in cars, we cannot leave aside any of its possibilities, among which we find that of sending voice messages in the car. This option that may seem futuristic is already among us with different applications that we have at our fingertips.

Before starting to explain what these clarifications are, we want to remind you that in the car we must have our eyes and our full attention on the road because a second of distraction can be fatal.

These options for voice chat in the car They are designed for a specific moment of driving where, for example, we are stopped at a traffic light or so that the person we are co-pilot can take advantage of. Until the cars drive themselves, we will have to be somewhat limited.

Applications For Voice Chat In The Car

This time we are going to focus on Android Auto However, some of the apps that we will mention also have availability in CarPlay, Apple’s system. We will get to know its functions on the go, although we anticipate that they will not be as extensive as using the mobile can be. These apps and options combined with Android Auto are designed so that we can use them at a specific moment, we cannot expect it to be the same as using the mobile with our hands.

WhatsApp, The Queen Also In The Car

The quintessential messaging app He could not run out of his place in the car, so we only have to connect our mobile phone to the car and let ourselves be carried away by what it tells us. We are not going to find options or anything like that beyond those of Android Auto, but when someone sends us a message we can decide if we want to see the message or have the car read it to us.

Telegram, The Most Popular Alternative

As with the mobile, Telegram It is also present in the car with functions very similar to those of WhatsApp. It will allow us to stay connected at all times for groups and individual messages, but we recommend limiting it, or otherwise, notifications can overwhelm us in driving.

Facebook Messenger

The giant Facebook cannot be left out of the options and allows us to use its app also with Android Auto. Facebook Messenger supports this integration in a very simple way, as we do not have to do anything more than have it installed on the mobile and connected to the Facebook account.


Although Skype became famous for video calls, It also integrates the option to send messages and chat, the only thing that we can do together with Android Auto.

How To Send And Listen To Messages With Your Voice In Android Auto

To listen to the message that someone has sent us, we will have to click on the button or tell Google, which will be played with Google Assistant and then it will give us the option to reproduce it ourselves. We must bear in mind that we must be clear with the messages and that therefore it is likely that some word will escape, having the limitation that we cannot use the icons, gifs or photos Of course.

To ensure that it is the correct message, it will read us the same message that we have said or at least what it has understood. Then we will confirm it, and it will be sent to the recipient. On our own, we can also send a message, but we will have to say the correct and complete name of the contact, accompanied by the app from where we want to send it. It can be a somewhat cumbersome process, and therefore it is best to make a call and leave messages for when we finish driving.

Install Apps On Android Auto

You may be wondering how to install the apps that we have known in Android Auto. Well, the process does not need anything more than the connection between the car and the mobile. Everything is based on the mobile, and it only needs to be installed on the smartphone to use it.

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