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New Apple Watch Series 6 With Blood Oxygenation Sensor

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Apple held an official event last night to announce several new products. No iPhone 12 but an Apple Watch Series 6, new iPads, and several services, in particular. Let’s take a look at the Apple Watch.

Apple has just announced its latest generation of Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 6. The rumors were right, the Cupertino company has not changed the design of its watch, but it seems that the main argument of this new version is the sensor in charge of measuring the blood’s oxygen saturation. Perfect for keeping an eye on your respiratory health at all times.

Apple Watch Series 6 Is Official

For those who wonder about the importance of monitoring blood oxygenation, this is an interesting global indicator of the patient’s respiratory health. Depending on the levels detected, this may indicate that the body is or is not getting enough oxygen and being distributed properly throughout the body. Apple also announced that it has partnered with several health organizations to study the benefits of early detection of concerns resulting from potential low saturation.

Several New Features, Including The Blood Oxygenation Sensor

In addition to this monitoring of blood oxygenation, the Apple Watch Series 6 also has an improved always-on screen. This one is t2.5 times brighter than its predecessor. Perfect for reading the screen without worry, even in direct sunlight. There is also an altimeter that is constantly on for those who like to follow their altitude changes. Inside, we also find an Apple Silicon chip, an A13 Bionic, more precisely, a chip that would be twice as fast as its predecessor.

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