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Apple Could Launch Less Ambitious AirPower

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The Apple AirPower did a lot of talks last year before it was dropped by Apple. Then rumors evoked the fact that the Cupertino company was working again on the project. Its marketing would be very close.

A report from last week hinted that Apple may be relaunching its AirPower wireless charging pad. Today, new information, this time from Bloomberg, corroborates the previous report by giving some additional details. In particular concerning the fact that this AirPower could be “less ambitious” than the original version.

Towards A Less Ambitious Version Of AirPower

Difficult, at the moment, to understand what this means. For those who didn’t know, one of the main arguments of the original AirPower was that you could place a device anywhere on the mat for it to charge.

A functionality made possible thanks to the design and the location of the reels, one on top of the other, to eliminate “dead zones” on the carpet as some other models can have.

That being said, during the development of the product, there were rumors that Apple had encountered technical difficulties and that overheating was very present. All this meant that the Cupertino company had to abandon the marketing of the AirPower. It is possible that this new version is smaller than the original and can only charge one device at a time.

That’s What Bloomberg Thinks She Knows

With growing rumors of a future iPhone completely devoid of a physical port, it would only make sense for Apple to work hard on wireless charging before possibly making this transition. The information should be taken with a grain of salt, of course. Hopefully, Apple will communicate on the subject soon. Who knows, maybe we will be entitled to the presentation of the iPhone 12. To be continued.

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