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Benefits Of Using An Answering Service

Benefits Of Using An Answering Service

As a business owner, you don’t want to lose a single penny in sales, but you also don’t want to reduce your customers’ satisfaction with your company, product and service. Missing calls affect your bottom line in the short run through lost sales and in the long-run through customer dissatisfaction.

Every Call Answered

A telephone answering service is a low-cost solution that allows you to capture every customer opportunity. Because these services answer every call that comes in, you don’t have to worry about missing calls. Your customers also feel valued because their calls are answered. A reputable service provider, such as Voice Nation, ensures that its staff is well trained and answers your calls using scripted language. They also provide agents that speak the native language. For example, a US-based company may want US-based agents whose native language is English.

Cost Reduction

Hiring one receptionist can cost $30,000 per year or more. If your company is large, you may need several receptionists and customer service personnel to answer all your calls. This increases your costs significantly.

Most customers will not leave voicemails and may move on to companies with dedicated customer service representatives who can answer their questions immediately. An answering service offers well-trained, live agents who can answer your calls at a fraction of the cost of the training, salary and benefits, not to mention the office space, of an in-house team.

Expanded Availability

These services often offer 24/7 availability. Your company may only operate from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, or even extended hours from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. Even when your company is closed, your service will answer your client calls. If you have in-house support and you experience fluctuating call volumes, you may also need overflow support, which prevents clients from going to voicemail and reduces wait times.

Increased Customer Service

Not only do these services answer your calls, but they may also book appointments, process payments, transfer and screen calls, process orders and complete many other tasks. These agents aren’t just there to answer the phone, they serve your customers, ensuring that they have everything they need when it is convenient for them.

Answering services also offer emergency response and help desk support, so your clients are well serviced and cared for.

Improved Business Perceptions

A business’s reputation is crucial. It determines whether its current customers return and if they will refer their friends. Also, poor reputations are quickly and efficiently spread over personal and social media networks. Make sure that your business is known for valuing customer service. In addition, your business should sound as if it is established.

You want your business to appear as if it is always thriving. By offering 24/7 service by well-trained agents, your business appears to be thriving and professional. This improves your brand and company image and suggests that you care so much about your customers that you offer service any time of the day or night.

Focus On Your Methods

You may have legal and liability concerns in your business that can be exacerbated by your employees using specific terminology or wording with your clients. You may also want your interactions to be upbeat and fun or caring and serious. No matter your requirements, service agents will follow your directions. They adapt their call etiquette to your requirements. They will also work with scripts that ensure your brand and company is properly represented.

Reduce Interruptions

Interruptions cause significant inefficiencies and may cause errors. Like most people, you may dislike interruptions, especially if you are working on a detailed or complicated task. However, you don’t want your clients’ calls to go unanswered either. A reputable service will free you up to focus on your business tasks rather than answering customer calls. Then, you can retrieve your messages and return your calls at your convenience. This also allows you to gather any information you need to share with the caller before making those important client calls.

Your calls can also be transferred directly to the department the client needs to speak with. For example, you can direct product question calls or messages to a dedicated product manager. Whether you have a small or large business, consider working with a reputable answering service.

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