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Agile & Devops Improving The Customer Experience In IoT

Agile & Devops Improving The Customer Experience In IoT

When we talk about Agile, solutions like Jira and Scrum come to mind, and when we talk about DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, and a long etc., come to mind. However, Agile and DevOps are not only methodologies and technologies; they are a cultural change within an organization, focusing on the client and their satisfaction, thanks to the delivery of continuous value to the user and market.

What Is DevOps

Agile solves organizationally as a team iteratively and incrementally delivers new features, fostering collaboration with self-organizing and multidisciplinary teams. While DevOps resolves planning, development, delivery, and operations through process automation and a cultural change based on requirements gathering, bug tracking, visual project evolution, TDD, testing, continuous integration of changes, etc.

Why DevOps

The purpose is to reduce the time to market, or time to market, and test the demand for these characteristics, obtaining the following advantages for customers:

A Practical Example Of Benefits For The Project And The Client

As you can see, Agile and DevOps focus on the customer and user, and our software product meets their real needs by delivering continuous value. I want to talk about a practical and evolving case. Integra’s IoT department took the risk of applying this cultural change. How it has been achieved has been by attacking from various points.

As a result, there was an improvement in the coordination between teams, daily delivery of evolutionary and corrective, continuous feedback, detection of failures, the discovery of characteristics that had not been taken into account in the initial phases of the project, reaction to changes, maintenance of the customer and user at the center and satisfaction of the needs that he raises in his accompaniment.

The growth of this work methodology to develop new software should make us reflect on the importance of bringing together the work of Development and Systems technicians. Making their interaction more efficient impacts the agility and quality of the projects.

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