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How To Choose A Personalized Advertising USB Key

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In all businesses, the USB key is an indispensable tool. It is also a way for business promoters to promote their brands. In this case, you can opt for its personalization. Here’s how to choose a personalized advertising key.

Choose A Good Design

Regarding the design of your personalized USB key, there are several models. From the best known to those representing the heroes of marvel, you have a wide range of choices available to you. It is common to find some having atypical ones or having precious stones on their shells. For your business, you can choose the form used by the majority of companies.

These keys are relatively simple in shape and easy to handle. The body of these keys is covered with rubber, and the connector is protected by metal. The rubber that covers the body of this key can take several forms. You can also opt for an eco solution. The USB key eco-friendly is the most recommended company.

This choice allows you to prove to your customers that you value the fight for the environment. They are mostly made with wood and other noble materials. You can also opt for USB keys in the form of a key. This design is one of the current innovations.

Consider The Price

Several factors influence the price of a personalized USB key. First, there is the storage capacity that affects this price. The higher the degree, the higher its price. Then there is the transfer speed which also determines the price. In general, USB 2.0 drive models have a transfer speed of 60MB per second. However, there are USB sticks for all fees.

When you go for a 3.0 fundamental model, you have a five times faster transfer speed than the abovementioned model. When you go for a wrench with advanced technology, the price is also high. Finally, the factor that affects the price is its size. Unlike storage capacity, the smaller your USB drive, the higher the price.

Also, it is not recommended to search for a custom USB stick with a high price tag. The most important thing is to consider the other factors mentioned above to have the right equipment.

What Is The Storage Capacity

To choose your personalized USB key, it is essential to take into account its storage capacity. It is what you use it for that most determines your ability to choose. Typically, a custom USB flash drive serves three purposes:

  • Storage of documents.
  • Storage of videos and photos.
  • Storage of large documents.

For storing documents, you need a key whose capacity varies between 4 and 16 GB. For the keys used for storing videos and photos, you need a degree of between 32 and 64 GB. When the USB key is used to store large documents, opt for keys with a capacity between 128 and 250 GB.

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