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8 Must Have Word Tips and Tricks

8 Must Have Word Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Word is the world’s most popular word processing software, with about one billion users worldwide using the Microsoft Office suite.

But most people using Microsoft Word are oblivious of the plethora of features and capabilities the program packs. It doesn’t stop them from typing their documents, but it limits their MS word experience. Knowing a few Microsoft word tips and tips will go a long way in helping you create perfect word documents for your specific needs.

Join us today as we highlight some of the most useful MS word tips and tricks for a more refined experience. Without wasting time, let’s dive straight into it.

1. Paste Text From an Outside Source Without Formatting

Whenever you paste something from another document or online source, you must also format the text to match the rest of your document. However, you don’t have to go through all that trouble. You can paste text from another source to your document without formatting it to match the text on your document.

To do so, you first have to copy the text you want from another source like your web browser or another document. After copying the text, head over to the paste button under the Home tab on the top left of your MS Word window. On the paste menu, click the paste unformatted to paste the text without formatting, and voila!

This could save you a ton of time when typing your documents, especially for research projects. Go ahead and try it now with this piece of text. This is one of the most useful Word formatting tips.

2. Save Your Word File as PDF

Did you know that you can save your Word document as a PDF to improve readability and prevent further editing?  Converting your document to PDF won’t change its pagination or its formatting. To convert your word file to PDF, all you have to do is:-

Following the above steps should convert your Word document to a PDF document. Remember, you’ll need a PDF reader, like Adobe, to open the PDf file. 

It’s also noting that you can’t insert PDF into Word, except if you employ a few tricks. It will save you the trouble of copying the PDF’s contents to the word document.

3. Copy All the Images in a Document

Sometimes you may receive a document that’s littered with images. If you’re interested in copying all the images, you can do so without going one-by-one and save yourself some precious time.

All you have to do is click on File on the menu bar, then “save as.” On the drop-down list, select “web page,” and browse for the file containing the images you want, and copy all the pictures. It’s as simple as that.

4. Cropping a Photo on Word

Let’s say you copy the photos, but some have a little more details than you want them to. The only solution is to crop out the parts you don’t want. That’s right, Microsoft Word allows users to crop their photos to the dimensions they desire.

To crop any photo in your document, you first select the photo by clicking on it. This will activate the Picture Tools tab at the top of your MS Word Window. Find the crop button below the tab and click on it.

All you have to do now is move the anchors on the picture’s corners to crop the image to your desired dimensions. Click on the save button to save the changes you made.

5. Scrolling to Zoom

If you’re having trouble making something out clearly on a Word document, you can zoom in. You can zoom in or out the conventional way, or you can use the scrolling shortcut. To do so, hold the ctrl button, then scroll your mouse up to zoom in and down to zoom out.

6. Update the Date and Time Automatically

You may have a Word document that you constantly have to update every day. Changing the date and time on your document every day can get a bit tiring. However, there’s one nifty trick that allows you to change the dates on your document automatically.

To do so, you have to click the insert tab on your menu bar and click Date and Time on the drop-down menu. Select a date-time format you want from the dialogue box that opens up. Check the “Update automatically” box on the bottom-right of your screen

In doing so, Word will insert the date on your document and update it automatically every day. 

7. Adding a Signature Line to Your Word Documents

Did you know that you can add a signature line on a Word document instead of drawing one? To add your signature to a Word document, you first have to add a signature line.

To insert a signature line, you have to:

You can then print your document with a detailed and professional Microsoft Word signature line.

8. Mail Merging

Mail merging has been a characteristic feature of Microsoft Word since the early days. This feature can help you create batch documents for specific reasons. They can help you in creating brochures, newsletters, and mass mailing.

To do so, click the mailing tab on the menu bar. On the drop-down list, click the “step-by-step mail merge wizard.”Follow all the prompts to mail merge your word document

Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks Made Easy

 We hope the above MS word tips and tricks have made you more MS Word-Savvy. Be sure to put them to good use next time you’re typing Word documents. There are many more tips for using Microsoft Word; it’s on you to learn all of them. Check out the other pieces on the site for more informative content.

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