5G Router For Mobile Outdoor Applications

With the MAX HD1 Dome 5G, value-added distributor Vitel presents a new outdoor router from Peplink. Its design – the antennas are in the same integrated housing as the cellular modem – minimizes signal losses for the best cellular or GPS signal. The Peplink MAX HD1 Dome 5G has a 5G-capable cellular modem with a redundant SIM slot for a total of two SIM cards. With the SIM injector, you can choose between eight additional SIM cards at any time. The router can thus support a total of up to ten SIM cards.

The SIM injector is PoE – capable so that no additional PoE switch must be attached when used. Together, the MAX HD1 Dome 5G and SIM injector are designed to simplify the setup and management of installations greatly. This extension can be placed up to 100 meters from the router and controlled via InControl2, which means that switching between different SIM cards and thus mobile phone connections can be handled flexibly and efficiently.

If several MAX HD1 Dome 5G devices are connected to a SpeedFusion-enabled router, the bandwidth is exceptionally high, according to Vitel. With the help of SpeedFusion, Peplink’s bandwidth bundling technology, it is possible to create a large VPN channel for a fast, reliable, location-independent Internet connection. The router is particularly suitable for mobile outdoor applications, for example mounted on a vehicle roof or a ship’s mast. Even on the go, the connection doesn’t break down, no matter how poor the network coverage is in some regions or on the high seas.

Uncomplicated commissioning with one cable The MAX HD1 Dome 5G can be mounted using an M35 bracket. Only an Ethernet cable is required for commissioning. The IP67-certified router, including shelves, is designed for harsh outdoor environments and is protected against splash water, dust, vibrations and adverse weather conditions. According to the IP rating, the router can even be underwater for up to 30 minutes. The cable is protected inside the router and should ideally be installed directly inside the pole or wall.

Reception via MIMO antennas 4×4 MIMO mobile antennas and a GPS antenna ensures that the signal quality and signal strength of the MAX HD1 Dome 5G remains as high as possible, regardless of the frequency range in which the signals are received. According to the manufacturer, the router is 11.5 centimetres tall, and the cross-section of the device is 22 centimetres long. Together with the Ethernet splitter, which weighs 500 grams, the total weight is 1.7 kilograms.

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