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5 Best Gadgets That Can Improve Your Sleep

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We all know that sleeping is essential. It allows your body to unwind and recuperate. So what do you do if you couldn’t sleep?

You first try tossing and turning. You think, maybe it’s your bed? Is it time to replace your old lumpy one? So the following weekend, you set out to buy a new mattress. Great! You now have your new Bear mattress! But what’s this? Do you still have trouble sleeping?

Lost at what to do, but you know that you don’t want to take up medicine? In this list, we’ve selected a wide range of items—from alarm clocks to bricks that emit alpha waves.

The 5 Best Gadgets To Get Better Sleep

If you want to improve your sleep, here are some of the gadgets that you can use:

1. Aura Connected Alarm Clock Light

Maybe it’s the ambiance of the room? Check this Aura Connected Alarm Clock. This alarm clock emits color-specific light that helps you feel sleepy. They based this on how your body reacts to certain colors of light.

An example is a warm light, and your body responds to it by releasing the hormone melatonin—the hormone that makes you sleepy. This is because the release of melatonin is triggered by the amount of light that enters your eyes. Less light equals more melatonin, and more light means less melatonin.

Take the colors of the rainbow, the red with the shortest wave, and the violet with the longest. The warm light is a mixture of colors red, yellow, orange. Since it has the short red light wave, it doesn’t reach the receptors in the back of your eye.

Whereas in white light, where all the colors of the rainbow are present, they get detected right away because of the blue and violet. Thus, blocking the release of melatonin, making you feel awake.

By setting the mood in your room via light, you relax and sleep easier and faster.

2. Lully, The Sleep Guardian

Have you ever tried falling asleep while in a vibrating massage chair? Lully, the sleep guardian, made it possible for you in your own bed.

How does it work? In a study published in the journal of Sleep Disorders, vibratory stimulation helps you sleep by synching with the brainwaves linked with sleep—sine waves.

This device is connected through an app on your phone. And when turned on, it produces gentle vibrations to help you relax and jump-start a peaceful sleep. It is even helpful in stopping nightmares. Lully can be set to turn off manually or automatically through a timer.

3. Modernist X Gravity Summer Blanket

This Gravity Summer Blanket comes in various colors and sizes. They’re designed to remain breathable and non-sweaty regardless of the weight.

If it’s your first time hearing a Gravity blanket, let us tell you what it is. It’s a blanket with weights. The theory behind this is that when you’re lying underneath a consistent and equally distributed pressure, it will produce a relaxing effect.

Research has shown that weighted blankets help relax those who have high anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, to name a few.

4. Night Frames By LENSABL

One of the sources of blue light is electronic devices like mobile phones and computers. And since blue light blocks the release of melatonin, Night Frames was designed to block blue light!

They’re amber-colored glasses that filter blue light and make your eyes tire out naturally. The frame style range is expansive and expensive. And if you wear prescription glasses, you can have them made there.

5. FitSleep – Your Personal Lullaby

FitSleep is a gadget that releases alpha waves to hurry the transition from light sleep to deep sleep. By using a scale of different sound frequencies, FitSleep then scans how you react to the sound waves. The sensors note the changes and determine the range catered to you.

They then release the best frequency that helps you calm down your nervous system, giving you that sleep that you need. FitSleep, your personal lullaby, will literally lull you to sleep.

Final Thoughts

That concludes the 5 best gadgets that can improve your sleep. With these items, you can take advantage of technology and use it to achieve better sleep. We hope the gadgets in this list can help you in your quest for better sleep.

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