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3D Printers Will Change The Manufacturing Industry

3d Printers Will Change The Manufacturing Industry

Once mainstream, they’ll take over what used to be big factories doing the printing. Now, instead of factories, we’ll have individuals printing.

But, what are the implications of having a 3D printer in our home? How will this change the manufacturing industry?

Here are a few reasons as to how 3D printers will change the manufacturing industry:


Prototyping is a huge part of the manufacturing industry.

Imagine how many businesses use prototyping. We’re talking about businesses ranging from fashion to robots. Anything consumers can physically touch can be used for prototyping.

With the advent of the 3D printer, not only is prototyping more accessible, it’s faster and cheaper. Combining those 2 factors together is a big recipe for business success.

These factors are also the reason rapid prototyping will take off. It’s expected to have a growth rate of 30.9% from 2019-2025.

Yearly growth like this is not just a trend. It’s a sign of what’s to come for manufacturing, and prototyping is one of the many sub-fields which will change.

One of the main problems with mass production of prototypes is customization. Customizing products interrupts manufacturing flow and costs more.

Fortunately, 3D printers help with that.


A great feature of 3D printing is customization. You can customize anything you build. If you make a phone case, you can design it so it has your favorite superheroes.

Tools that are meant for one application or size can be customized so it fixes whatever problems you may have.

There are so many useful things a 3D printer can make. Tweaking a tool to your situation gives the power of design and manufacturing into the hands of a regular home owner.


Putting the hands of manufacturing into the hands of an individual is empowering.

It allows one person to be more productive. With a 3D printer, one individual can create a tool that isn’t in the market.

3D printers also allow individuals to become more entrepreneurial. They can monetize their creations by sharing their files, and selling their products online.

They can also be an on-demand service for people who want 3D printed items. Anybody around your community can order a 3D printed item online instead of ordering from a manufacturing company.

Putting the hands of manufacturing into an individual increases the revenue pie. The more people who realize what 3D printing can do, the more people will get into 3D printing.

Environmental Sustainability

3D printing is also better for the environment than traditional manufacturing. There’s a lot to look out for when talking about environmental protection, but the main factors are carbon footprint and waste.

3D printers reduce both. 3D printers use what is called additive manufacturing to print. This uses just the right amount of raw materials to build something without waste.

In addition, 3D printers don’t need to transport products because once it’s done, you just take it out.

Overall, 3D printers are a net positive for the manufacturing industry.

Changing The Manufacturing Industry

The change has already begun in the manufacturing industry, but the mainstream hasn’t caught on yet.

From prototyping to customization, the changes I’ve listed here might only be the beginning.

However anyone sees it, it’s obvious the manufacturing landscape is changing, and with the growth rate of 3D printers, expect more changes.

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